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Contacting Outpost Assen

Outpost Assen will send you an email in advance of your arrival with some helpful information, along with a copy or link to the  "Inside Guide Assen" document that is handy to receive before arrival. After you start in the NAM office, please feel free to contact Outpost for a face to face meeting.  


Please note that Outpost will assist you with NON CONTRACTUAL ISSUES.   Upon arrival, you and your family are more than welcome to visit our office where we will answer any questions you may have in helping you to settle in.  By providing the email address of your partner (if applicable), they will receive invitations to our monthly Outpost Social Activity Events, which is always a great way to meet new people in a social environment.

Shell International Mobility

Please check the International Mobility page on the Shell Wide Web (sww) which details contractual information relevant to your particular assignment status (i.e. Short-term International Assignment, Long-term International Assignment or Local Non-National):

This site, together with Expatriate Services and HR will help guide you through the processes to get you and your family settled in your new location:


Before registering anywhere, make sure that your paperwork is in order. Check if your passport is valid for the period of your stay and that marriage and birth certificates are translated into Dutch, English, French, or German and sufficiently ‘legalised’.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands you have to register with the GBA. The Gemeentelijke Basisadminstratie Persoonsgegevens is the personal records database of the municipal authority. Anyone who intends to stay in the Netherlands for more than three months (including EU/EEA nationals) must register at the GBA within five days of arrival.

Registration with the GBA triggers the start of other processes and proof of registration is essential for many more. The details you give when you register (such as the size of your apartment and family) determine charges for water and waste collection, prompts the local health department to contact you regarding check-ups for your children, and eligibility to register for social housing. As of November 2007, the BurgerServiceNummer (BSN) is initiated here and you’ll need a BSN to open a bank account. Once you have completed this process, you can get a printout of your details (uittreksel) which proves your residence and rights.

Documents required include a passport (valid for a minimum period of your stay), rental contract in your name, employment contract, birth and marriage certificates of all family members. Registration is free.  When you move houses, you will have to visit your local town hall office (through internet or in person) to up-date your data.

You also need to de-register when you leave the Netherlands at the end of your assignment.

The GBA records are kept at the Town Hall. Listed are some contact means of Town Halls (Gemeentehuis) in areas popular with expats:


Gemeente Assen:

Noordersingel 33, 9401 JW Assen

Tel: 0592 366 911




Gemeente Groningen

Kreupelstraat 1, 9712 HW  Groningen     

Tel: 050 367 7000



Gemeente Aa en Hunze

Spiekerstraat 1461 BH  Gieten           

Tel: 0592 267 777




Gemeente Haren

Raadhuisplein 10, 9751 AN Haren 

Tel: 050 533 9911




Outpost Assen

Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, or on appointment
Languages: English, Dutch, German
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