On the Inside

Life in the Northern Netherlands presents itself with its own challenges. To help you face them, we've collected the experiences of expatriates who have been living here, to share them with you. Part of the information can be found on this website, but you can find a lot more information in our Inside Guide. To receive your full copy of our Inside Guide, please contact Outpost Assen at

Other publications

If you, as a partner of a Shell employee, are interested in finding employment in The Netherlands, either paid or unpaid, we recommend our Partner Employment and Study Guide. As the title says, it also contains info on different types of education in the Netherlands. This guide was created in cooperation with Outpost The Hague and Outpost Amsterdam.

The Kids' Guide to The Northern Netherlands was written for families with children, but we discovered that even without kids there are a lot of useful tips in it.

Other activities

Outpost Assen holds monthly Social Activity mornings in a bid to help partners to meet new people, and to enjoy an interesting morning together.  When possible our hosts are volunteers from within the Outpost Community, which makes for a cosy setting.  To give you an idea, here are a few of the many interesting activity mornings we have held over the past year or so: A Book & Magazine Swapshop; Sweet Sushi Demonstration; Macaron Demonstration; Indian Cookery Workshop; Henna Hand Decoration; Tissue Box Decoration; Christmas Wreath Making; Easter Wreath Making; Henna Candle Decoration Workshop..... and many more!

If you can think of an activity you would like to participate in, or perhaps to host for us with the help of Outpost, please contact us by sending an email to

Important Information

Emergency sirens are tested every first Monday of the month at 12.00.

Do not be alarmed.  In the event of a real emergency, turn on your television or radio to a local station for further information. 

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